You’ve got to believe it before you will ever see it. ~Mary Kay Ash


Push through the storm


I woke this morning and realized that I am going through some stuff. I’ve cried, prayed, fasted and cried some more……crickets.

Crickets not because I was actually waiting for something major to happen or waiting for a huge ray of sun to shine through my window and reveal the ultimate plan for overcoming my obstacles-you know like some of the scenes we see on television. But crickets like a metaphor of silence reminding me that I must get up and take care of this ‘stuff’.

No one is going to handle it for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking over God’s plan. My faith tells me that God is working for my good even when I don’t see it. And certainly don’t feel you must intervene over your spirituality or that element you tap into for your serenity, but I remembered this morning that I too must put in the work and so should you.

Even on the darkest days, I can push through the storm. My problems today will not be my destination tomorrow. I can work through it because I know I have options. Pushing through the storm means identifying all of the options and relating a plan for each. Acknowledging the outcome for each of the options, will help me see the big picture. It will help me choose the best way to handle my ‘stuff’.

Life is all about choices; making decisions. I remember hearing a speaker at a conference, “Be a Decision Maker”, she said. “Good ones (decisions) are great, bad ones can be corrected”. Yes, that’s it! Handling my stuff is about making a decision. I already laid out my options and identify the results/consequences with each, now I must make a decision. Here it goes…. Let’s Go to Work!!!!

Be sure to follow, I will soon share some of the ‘stuff’.

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